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Here at Perkins German Shepherds we breed strong, sound dependable animals fit for their role as useful working, show, and companion dogs. Our dogs are assessed by their genetic, physical and emotional make-up as individuals. When we are satisfied that they fit our standards, they are then assessed in their ability to pass this onto their progeny. We do not breed a litter for just one "show winner", the litter is bred with all the puppies in mind. If, as a result of our goals and aim, we do not become the "most successful exhibitor" - then so be it, we will NOT compromise our standards
~CONFORMATION. Perkins German Shepherd puppies are bred to the Germany breed as well as the A.K.C. standards. All our puppies are AKC registered. Preferring to acquire our dogs from the country of their birth, gives them top German and American bloodlines. Perkins German Shepherd puppies are representative examples of their breed.

~HEALTH. It is never a joy to own a dog that has chronic health problems. Our Puppies come from quality stock and combined with the proper care, nutrition, and veterinary attention will provide a healthy, happy companion for years to come.

~INTELLIGENCE. Our puppies are bred from stock that has demonstrated their intelligence through competition in conformation and performance events. We are proud to have our German Shepherds participating in Search & Rescue, Police work, sheep herding & tracking, and as family companions/guardians.

~TEMPERAMENT. Our puppies are bred to be confidant, loyal, and trusted companions. Our dogs are easily trained, and can be taught to do a wide variety of tasks.
Throughout their young lives here at Perkins German Shepherds our puppies are carefully evaluated to determine which home is the most suitable match. Pet, Schutzhund/Show/Breeding prospects are determined. Personality as well as physical traits are carefully noted and these observations of temperament not only help us place each puppy in the "right" home, but serve as a basis for puppy training. This program includes socializing with children, leash training, basic obedience, and grooming procedures. When they leave for their new homes, the puppies are learning to sit, lie down, walk on leash, and come when called. Each puppy is also introduced to crate training before leaving which greatly simplifies housetraining for the new owner. Since puppies learn to love their crate for the security and comfort it provides, new owners are encouraged to continue the use of a crate to help prevent accidents in the home and curb unwanted chewing. Crates also prepare your dog for stays at your veterinarian and act as a "seat belt" to protect your dog in a car. And as you travel with your dog, most motels will accept dogs that are crate trained.

New owners are expected to continue with established practices of housetraining and obedience training until the puppy becomes a reliable and pleasant companion. We try to raise puppies that are well equipped for their busy life ahead. Whether it is a schutzhund, show prospect, or a couch potato. We continue that process after the puppy is sold through advice to the new owner.
Our procedure of placing puppies is to keep you well informed as you wait for Planned Parenthood:

1. We send pictures of the parents-to-be, and this written information, and accept .00 deposits on the sex of puppy you would like to reserve.

2. We call a few days after the birth and let you know how many puppies were born and their sexes. We send weekly pictures while the pups are growing. German Shepherd Pet puppies (not to be used for breeding) are , and Breeding/Show prospects are -$1,500. Pet puppies are sold with non-breeding AKC registration. All the puppies will be exemplary examples of their breed and are fully guaranteed for three years.

3. At 5 weeks of age, when the puppies are weaned, we invite you to schedule a visit to meet all our dogs and see the puppies. At this point, the puppies have not had their shots yet, so you will wear disposable gloves that we provide, so that you can pet and handle our puppies. Choosing your puppy will be at 8 weeks, and will be in order of deposits.

4. At 6 weeks, our veterinarian will give the puppies a complete physical. At this age, each puppy is also Temperament/Aptitude Tested, and we will have evaluated each puppy and determined which will go to pet, or show/breeding homes and their exact cost.

5. At 8 weeks, we will schedule an appointment, in order of deposits, and together, we will select the best puppy to complement your lifestyle and needs.
Upon the sale of a Perkins German Shepherd puppy, we provide the following:

1. Shot/worming record.

2. Veterinarian’s physical report.

3. On Our German Shepherds, both parents, copies of the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) certificates on both their hips and elbows, or a copy of the "A Normal" Stamps on dogs from Germany.

4. AKC registration application.

5. Pedigree.

6. Sales contract with a written 3-year health guarantee.

7. Feeding schedule.

8. Training rebate schedule.

9. List of suggested books to learn more about nutrition and training.

10. Health issues and training tips.

Thank you for your inquiry about a Perkins German Shepherd puppy. If you wish to pursue purchasing

one of our puppies, you may contact us at (405) 273-5743 or email us at jperkins_1@yahoo.com